We extrapolate but never create

As I tirelessly shuffle over the snaking concretions – careful not to fall prey to the boiling waters underneath – I feel tempted to lean into some dark theories of my own, or maybe fears.
A simple phrase triggered my lonely ramblings:
We extrapolate but never create. The space of imaginable things ever expands, inflated by the constant processing of knowledge and perception.
Yet never will a seed, a singularity, the origin of another bubble of knowledge ever appear in the empty space of unimagined things. In the same way energy and matter can’t be created from thin air neither can ideas. Maybe these two facts are much more interlaced than it first appears. Indeed this limitation in the fabrication of information could be dictated by the nature of the world the information exists in.
This entails something much scarier. Much more troubling than the empirical nature of knowledge is the idea that the space knowledge grows in, is finite. If the bubble is intrinsically tied to the world it is in then by definition there is more theoretical information out of said world that will forever remain inaccessible.
This all leads me to one question, is omnipotence an end? A conclusion? It is hard to imagine running out of things to imagine.

December 5th, right after scaling the three deafening cascades of the Sliin for the first time.