The swallowed metal beast

October the 3rd,
By the time I took these notes, I had been walking for approximately two hours since my last rest amongst the shattered concrete slabs of a WW2 German coastal bunker. The crevasse that engulfed my efforts that day was barely accessible under a gigantic mass of collapsed anti-bombing layered concrete. Though the opening could have been torn through the ground by the sheer concussive power of the explosions, I have reason to believe that prior investigation of the space had been made. This was signified to me by the rust-gnawed remains of pumping equipment and the crumbling plumbing reaching far beyond the surface. It seems that what the draining endeavors never achieved time did. Not a trace of flooding can be found other than the subtle dripping of desalinated sea water that slowly traverses the mineral fortress.
Unsuspectedly the passage was quite fair and over the length of the descent kept widening until it became impossible to encompass the entirety in the cone of my trusty headlight. Being confident in my bearings I ventured forth into the now reasonably expansive underground. It took only a few steps before my light started to uncover a very peculiar sight. A breathtaking raw spectacle, frightening without a doubt. Wedged forcefully between two large rock outcroppings and torn in a way that the front overhung proud in the empty space was a monstrous carcass. Despite having been eviscerated by the impact and having rusted to its core the imposing beast was undoubtedly an infamous U-boat.