The Hollows

“Effundensque Tenebris” is the name of one of the most incomprehensible wonders of the underground. Qualifying it as a monster or even an entity would not be justified as its nature alone transcends matter, is beyond space, and lives before time. One could say it is the embodiment of emptiness, hence the designation of Hollows. Hollows are said to be a space within a bare tunnel where time itself fades. Crossing a Hollow is said to be a soul-piercing and sometimes dangerous experience. Voices become echoey, faint, and incomprehensible. Space slowly stops making sense and time well… Time is not. Mascus, a retired graffiti artist recalls: “It was me and a dude I had met in the tunnels. I remember we were walking in a huge storm drain when I slowly realized I could not for the life of me understand what he was shouting. I turned around as I was walking to see how far behind he was and I froze… He was right beside me. I remember looking at him, stuck in place, as he started backing up in a direction I thought was the wall. This was so f*** creepy dude! I ran for what felt like hours only to get back where we were a couple minutes before and he was gone. I saw him in the neighborhood a couple weeks later. Dude says he never went there and called me crazy! But I know we went there! We spent the evening down there!” So if you ever find yourselves walking in the dark and ask your friend to repeat what they just said, maybe take a step back and find another way. Or else, you might get lost in absolute nothing, and the Hollow shall swallow you.