The cosmic garden of thought

There is no shade to be thrown upon the extent of human imagination other than that it is inherently limited by its own extrapolative nature. In a certain way, knowledge, thought, imagination, the combined consciousness of our species since the very begging of complex communication can be seen as a growing tree, shaped by our environment. Imagine, if you will, a three-dimensional space the matter of which is everything that could ever exist in a conscious mind. Every dream, shape, mathematical concept, and everything beyond our reach is present in that vast expanse. We shall now envision the tree of all that has been thought, flourishing slowly into the unknown. Every novel idea sprouting a newborn offshoot, every developed concept pushing further the canopy of imagination.
It is in this cosmic garden that resides my deepest frustration and the very source of my endeavor: this garden is composed of one tree and one tree only.