Testificate legacy

At first glance, the Testificate might seem helpless and vegetative yet its peculiar lifestyle is a testament to a biology far removed from our Darwinistic preconceptions. This eternal being has, in its radical organic distinction, been excluded from the competition and pressure that dictates known life’s ways. And in such dull circumstances, one might think that life stagnates, devoid of complexity and refinement. One would be dramatically mistaken.

Whilst free from constraints, biology took every given path. Explored the full spectrum of organic architecture in an undying explosion of complexity and fused it in a single coherent entity. Like an organic library of babel it slowly crystallized every viable organic pattern until it reached a perfect equilibrium, a consciousness deeper than any other.

Unsurprisingly its consumption by early conscious beings revealed a vast genetic polyvalence as some of its traits would transfer over despite their disparate nature. While vastly harmful to said hosts these genetic transfers could occasionally give insights into the creature’s unfathomable wiseness.

It seems that this almost certainly fatal interaction with any other biological being is the reason for the Testificate’s unique existence. Yet to develop this impenetrable complexity the species must have existed in complete isolation. Away from any predatorial interaction for a stretch of time of geological scale. Could it have been buried away or was it already here long before anything else?