Subeden, Day 1

Here it is, the starry dark blue slopes surrounding this immense fiery surface. The sunny sea nested in bouquets of towering vegetation filled me with an alleviating warmth that one rarely experiences in such depths. I took a moment to rest in the brisk breeze, perched on the narrow outcrop I landed upon after following a tight gap through the stone.
The view from there was stunning and the muffled sound of a slender waterfall nearby complimented the distant echoes of strong winds. I took one last breath of fresh air before equipping my mask and dropping down the line all the way to the foot of the wall where I stumbled down a short pile of rubble before finally landing amongst the sparser lichen of the eccentric fields. The hike to shore, I estimated, took about three and a half hours. More than I had imagined even though the constant light slope made it less of a challenge. As the hard gravely patches slowly faded the ground beneath the tall lichen became soft and spongy. This is a thick coat of fermenting biomass I thought to myself when my full body equipment and my clumsiness condemned me to plummet into the goop on several occasions. On one of my tumbles, I heard a flock of some unidentified creatures taking off my near vicinity but due to the precarious position, I was unable to identify them. As I looked up I solely saw their vague small figures through my sludge-covered face mask.
The sturdy barrier of dark purple stems on a background of gold was slowly getting closer and I couldn’t help but feel a noticeable increase in temperature. Covered as I was my body quickly soaked in sweat and the plastic smell of the equipment was getting unpleasant. When I finally sneaked through the last fungi pillars and stepped onto the root rafts the temptation to undress and submerge myself in the fair liquid was untenable. Despite these urges, I had come here with a goal, and as long as I had not solved the mysteries of this place I couldn’t give in to the pleasures of this treacherous haven.