Subeden, Day 0

Tomorrow I will see with my own eyes the subject of many tales and fantasies. A location first encountered by a fellow pioneer in the underground lifestyle who sadly was taken away by this place’s unpredictable moods. I will tread the lands of the Subeden, the coasts of the Amarina sea. This complex and isolated ecosystem stretches across one of the biggest caverns of the area and it is said that to cross it takes multiple days. In the center of it lies the Amarina sea, a vast body of water, the most noticeable trait of which is a strand of bioluminescent phytoplankton covering its surface and giving it a unique and bright yellow glow. In fact, this glow alone illuminates the entire cavern in a warm hazy shine.
In a concentric ring along the shore grow some fantastic mycelium specimens competing for the shiny resource. Their roots extend like rafts on the surface of the shallows, filtering and feeding on any decaying phytoplankton. This energy goes into producing incredibly tall stems that lean over the waters and are crowned with a single gigantic feather-like leaf. The slow dance of these dense but thin coastal forests against the blazing sea paints a fantastical tapestry of fire and darkness.
Beyond the fungi forests, on the gloomy slopes leading to the base of the walls grow fields of tall graminus lichen, the dense strands of which are said to resemble an enormous beast’s fur. Doted among those fields, like stars in a dim fuzzy ocean are growing some solitary spectral lilies, perched on their little mounds of lichen. These lively fields are carved by a myriad of little streams that rush from the nearby Sliin through the cracked rock faces, down the grassy slopes, under the magical forests, and into the Amarina. From higher up cracks and slits comes a gentle constant breeze that makes the flora dance rhythmically and the water ripple.
Sadly this apparent paradise has a curse. An unpredictable and deadly event that has made any colonization attempt a tragic tale. It is unclear what this phenomenon might be due to the lack of survivors yet I suspect a radical change in atmospheric conditions as this kind of phenomenon is not unheard of in the abyss. Tomorrow I shall start an in-depth study of the lands and waters of the Subeden with the appropriate full body protection and respiratory apparatus. In hope this will be enough.