Quest for a new seed

See, ideas can only be constructed, evolved upon preceding thought and observation. It is impossible to us mortals to conceptualize an idea, plant a seed in the expanse, far from any existing branch. I encourage any mind, as creative as it is, to imagine something truly new. Something rooted in not a single piece of existing knowledge. One might branch out but no one shall ever truly break free of the tree.
It is in relief to this overwhelming sense of constriction that my obsessive compulsion for the otherworldly comes into play. For I feel that liberation resides in the darkest reaches of our world. Where I shall come face to face with the truly unimaginable. In that moment of deliverance, my restricted mind shall leap into the void of unfathomable fancy and knowledge and a new salvatory seed shall be planted. But despite the promises of ancient legends I can feel my sickly intellect slipping. Countless years deciphering the writings of the elders and endless journeys among the abyss have made me not much more than a shadow and my life on the surface is not much more than a dream. For these matters are exceptionally close to the bounds of our limited conception and every day with these thoughts chips away from sanity.