Prominent tale in the Dome

As one sinks deeper into the meanders and limbo of the infrastructure below the city, water, concrete, and darkness become one. In this inhospitable maze, it is said that rumors can be heard coming from the deepest passages… myths that the mind couldn’t comprehend but that the heart suffers. These voices you never see recall tales of fantastical beings, entities of no age that the city had long buried.
Much more tangible are the stories transcribed on the walls of the Dome. A well-known tale is that of the ogres. Ever-famished beasts who feast on the careless ones who get lost. Not much different in form from a heavy man’s silhouette they always seem to be asleep as their slow snoring can be heard far into the tunnels. Always surrounded by a flock of young children they vagabond around like hideous sleepwalkers.

“Damned will be the one who disturbs their incessant snoring and once their soul has been ripped apart they shall join the ranks of the rat-children who will forever navigate the labyrinths under your feet.”
This unverified and rather childish tale has nevertheless deeply affected the underground culture as it is widely accepted that a sleeping stranger should never be woken up. Human children in the undergrounds are also commonly frowned upon unless accompanied by a female figure.