Prologue to the quest

Throughout my fantastical wanders in-between worlds, at every step of my strolls, in my imaginative exploration, doubtful I remain. Why am I so hopelessly submitted to this helpless search? Why am I so desperate for the inconceivable? For the impossible leap beyond our bounded imagination?
It sometimes feels like the unseen things I see in the dark and untold truths I hear in the morbid silence are slowly getting me closer to my final satisfaction. Unfortunately, it is all a mere illusion for my dream lies in the realm of things impossible to the human consciousness. This elusive goal may be, in fact, the frontier between us and what lies beyond.
Surely I have captivated your curiosity as to the nature of this unattainable mental land and shortly I shall explain my thoughts in all clarity. Know that I dread the idea of passing this cursed thought upon the reader of these lines and that I would have very gladly kept my writings to the fantastical analysis of the abyss if this theoretical interlude wasn’t as essential to the understanding of what we shall share in later writings.