Ostracized from light

I had just emerged from a lengthy study of my transcripts and as the daylight started to fade away so did I. Like a drunken sailor in the bleak lights of old shady docks my mind was vagabonding through twisted lands as I dreamt deeper into the late afternoon. Yet this very evening my visions molded into a new, less tangible scene. I found myself waking in a vast space of pure light, unnatural light. Bathed I was in a bleak yet warm blanket of milky whiteness. My body seemed to be extremely clumsy and refused to follow my thoughts. The slightest movement requiring an immoderate effort and every initiative crushed by unbearable pressures. The process of getting on my feet, I could only describe as taxing, both physically and mentally. I finally stood there in the very center of the emptiness for a few moments before I was crushed back to the ground.
For an eternity I struggled like a worm in the sun. The horrified panic in my head contrasted with my dampened movement. And the noise. The terrifying, almost indescribable noise.
After an eternity of misery, my pain finally ended as my eyes opened to see the piles of notes on my desk. Nevertheless, my fear remained as I could still discern the sound. Deep and muffled like the sound of drums in the distance yet horrifyingly vocal. And it stayed.
Despite all the expertise of doctors and the potency of drugs it persevered. On and on would go the chant for days only interrupted during my underground walks. For the sake of my own sanity I found myself roaming the abyss more and more until, on the third day of July, twenty days and sixteen hours after the first event, I started the process of moving all my vital belongings to an abandoned quarry not far from home. Some rooms there, dug out by the workers so many years ago were fitted for living, with crude furniture carved out of the bare stone. I much preferred the deafening silence of the tunnels to the poisonous murmur of the surface. Besides, thanks to my frequent underground voyages I was now accustomed to such a lifestyle, as harsh as it could sometimes be. Nonetheless, I was still relatively hopeful that my curse would end soon. Hopefully, I could see the light of day in silence once more.