Light through the layers

Not much different from the humble refuge of a shepherd’s shed among the storm-beaten highlands. So does the beaming glow of a torch feel in the endless meadows of darkness… Under the pavement our kind brings light. Not in the salvatory manner of a divine figure but rather as a clueless conquistador of pestilence and disruption. Ignorant of the disgrace of our manners in the presence of the native dwellers of blackness.
Indeed the shallow depths accessible to our mere physical corpses are just the thinnest and most delicate of interfaces between our world and another. Fragile one would say but nevertheless alive and aware. To the creepy crawlers and fabulous monstrosities of this frontier bright light is a scattered delicacy, a fictitious tale, or even a wholly unknown concept depending on the remoteness of their realms. But beyond these borders, in places uncomprehendingly vast and ancient, where the ageless entities transcending matter and human logic exist, light simply cannot be. Or so say the grim tales of the ancient.
Enough of the geography and mysteries of beyond for now though as these are matters that shall be discussed in due time. When the torments of only mentioning the otherworldly become barrable again to my liable soul.