Tragedy of Vraenk

One of the boldest attempts at breaking through the realm of reality by digging beyond its bounds was the ill-fated deep settlement of Vraenk. Its collapse was so impactful at the time that it became part of the magnificent mural above the source of the Sliin and so did the bottomless pit that ensued its destruction. As I progress through my transcription of the great murals I can sometimes feel the cold caresses of fear trickling down my spine as dark thoughts of the lost settlement paint themselves in dissonant colors.
The way to Vraenk seems to have been known since the early writings of the ancients, depicted as the deepest reaches of what is now known as the Agowl caverns. These were the times when myths and legends were born out of fact. Ancient knowledge seems to have unexplainably shaped many subsequent cultures on the surface despite their apparent geological and temporal isolation from each other.