A story, a universe,

a brand

Explore the unseen world of the abyss through high quality apparel featuring long exposure photos and art from the depths. Each item is created with passion and care by the creator of the abyss universe.

Notes from another


Prologue to the quest

Throughout my fantastical wanders in-between worlds, at every step of my strolls, in my imaginative…

The cage mines

These mines are unnamed and of their origin, little to nothing is known. Absent from…

About the abyss

“Abyss Walker is a concept born in Martinique, French West Indies, inspired by art, photography, storyteling and urban exploration.

All designs are created by me, the creator of the “Abyss”, a fictional underground world built around a collection of short stories and light painting photographs. The quality apparel brings a fresh urban look with a deep backstory and attention for details.”